What do I do if I need a treatment and my chiropractor is away?

There are 2 chiropractors at the clinic and if you need an unscheduled urgent treatment or just wish to be seen earlier it may be possible for Wayne or Carina to fit you in if the other is away. They will have full access to your notes and will be able to carry on your normal treatment. Once your regular chiropractor is back you should continue to see him / her.

What can I expect after a treatment?

After you have been treated you may feel a bit sore. This is to be expected and may increase over the first day or two although advice will be given to minimise this . After this it should ease off. If you are worried about the level of discomfort you are experiencing please do call the clinic and get some advice.

Do I need follow up treatment?

Some people like to see their chiropractor like a doctor – i.e. get seen and dealt with when things are bad. We like to promote a more ‘dentist’ approach with regular check-ups to prevent problems from building up. These may initially be frequent after an acute injury or problem but will soon become less so.

How long is each treatment?

Your initial appointment will last 45 minutes to 1 hour during which time you will have a comprehensive history taken, be examined fully and treated. Subsequent treatments may last anything from 15 minutes to half an hour as needed.

Can I get same day appointments?

Yes! It is often possible to be seen on the same day and our receptionists will liaise with Wayne and Carina to try and fit you in if at all possible so please do phone if you are looking for a same day appointment.

Can I get evening / late appointments?

It is often possible to be seen ‘late’ to accommodate all types of schedules. Mondays and Thursdays are scheduled until 7pm but often run later and other days are possible too with prior arrangement.

Is there parking?

We have our own car park at the clinic.

I have health insurance – is my treatment covered by this?

This depends on the health care provider but most do cover chiropractic treatments. You will need to contact your insurer and get this sanctioned prior to your treatment. Mostly you need to pay upfront and then your insurance will reimburse you but some companies can be billed directly.

What do I need to wear?

Please wear loose fitting comfortable clothes if possible. Some people prefer to undress and wear a robe which we provide but this is not necessary.

Can I bring people (including children) to my appointment?

We are more than happy for you to bring someone else to your appointment and this can be very useful! Small children may get bored so please do bring them something to entertain them if you wish to bring them!